Words to live by . . .

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” — Henry Ford

These are words to live by in the world of mediation, and ones which Jeremy Solomon embraces as he launches his new mediation services business. Solomon Mediation Services offers a new approach to dispute resolution, and one which empowers clients to be part of the solution.

Mediation can be challenging. Part of the difficulty lies in finding a way to guide both sides to common ground, without forcing them towards it. This is where Jeremy Solomon comes in. Thanks to 24 years of insurance and injury litigation experience, he has developed a proactive approach to mediation where client preparation and collaboration is key. By educating both parties so that they understand their strengths and weaknesses before mediation begins, they are empowered to take the obstacles out of their own path – increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution.

Jeremy is available for mediation bookings on select dates from March, 2015. To find out how Solomon Mediation Services can help serve you and your clients, please contact Jeremy at 905.764.7185 or book a session online by clicking book us.